Niccolò Machiavelli spent his exile in San Casciano. Machiavelli spent days laboring, and nights in communion with ancient authors. Apart from his city, not in an ivory tower but firmly on the ground, Machiavelli wrote his masterpieces of political philosophy.

About Me:
I’m a PhD candidate in Political Theory at The Catholic University of America. I study the development of political ideas, focusing on late medieval/early modern England and foundational American ideas. My current research is on the development of the rule of law in late medieval England. My research is designed to leverage machine learning for extensive political analysis.

In my own thought, I try to emulate the removed and critical approach exemplified by Machiavelli’s own scholarship.

I provide teaching and tutoring services throughout the District of Columbia and online, in topics including philosophy, history, chess, writing, and language. I specialize in helping ESL students and professionals express themselves in sound written and spoken English.

I enjoy cycling, coding, tabletop roleplaying games, and long walks (both in nature and in the city).

Purpose of this website:
A public journal of thoughts and insights gained through late-grad-school life.

My focus is on true productivity, not simply software engineering solutions (though a bit of that too!)

Some political theory may show up from time to time.

twitter: @js_mickey