Using Evernote More Effectively (Adding Order to the Chaos)

Dec 5, 2015 | | Say something

Using Evernote More Effectively (Adding Order to the Chaos)

The issue I have with Evernote is that the notes just pour into the void. It takes positive work and creativity to bring organization to this system.
Here is a way that I’ve discovered: Table of Contents notes. 
When selecting multiple notes, there is an option to create a table of contents. This one is made from all the notes in my Dissertation notebook (which is a little anemic and unorganized you can tell, as I haven’t used Evernote extensively for this project yet).
By pinning the note to the shortcuts, I always have access to this list (not that I want this particular list, it is a proof of concept).
Dragging and dropping notes into this note creates a link to that note, which is how I added articles 19 and 20. If you hit Enter after the last item on the list, EN continues the numbering scheme.

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