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When writing this journal entry, I was thrown utterly off track by a single notification (Flux, IIRC). In reaction, I purchased Bartender to hide my notification tray and made Do Not Disturb the default setting. I realize this will mean I will not be able to respond to emails within seconds, but I’m not entirely certain that I should. It was terribly impossible to return to the state of contemplation and thoughtfulness I was in before the notification. I want that ability to be the default. Right now the technology is a distraction by default. I also updated my favorite contacts on my phone, so I can shut out all but calls from the most important people (and those people would typically text instead of call unless it was truly an emergency). While this will mean I will miss things, I miss other opportunities by giving myself over to disruptions — inspiration, ideas, or simply calm and peace of mind.

December 01, 2015 at 02:43AM
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